How EXKI manages its suppliers, orders and inventory of 70 restaurants with Odoo

Another great example where our business software is in action on the field, is the EXKI Business case. Present on the market for 15 years now, the Belgian based chain restaurant is expending abroad and they need a strong software to manage their business.

Bernard Dehertog, EXKI's IT Manager gave a conference (available at the end of the article) about their use of Ygen in their company, here's a summary.

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Tell us about the company and its business

EXKI is a chain restaurant serving fresh and healthy food. We have 70 restaurants located mainly in Belgium, France and in Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Italy and recently in the US. Our motto is "Nature's kitchen" because we sell delicious recipes made out of tasty fresh products to eat-in or take-away. Our food combines wellness and pleasure and we always try to find products as much as natural and organic as possible.  

What challenges did the company face before they implemented Ygen?

Before Ygen we were using a proprietary, but it could only manage the ordering processes. The main aspects that interest us in Ygen is the possibility to expand to more modules and to use it in more other departments of the company. The integration of the data between all modules and therefore between the departments is a very important functionality for us. Each restaurant need to order the products, the fresh food, everyday for the next day. Because it's fresh, products don't have a long period of conservation. This means that we have an ultra tight supply chain and the ordering system has to be stress resistant.
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What solution was delivered?

The work began few years ago, in the V6 where a lot of developments had to be made in order to adapt the system to our needs. Recently we directly migrated from V6 to V8. We can use Ygen V8 directly in standard as the version has been increased consequently. New implementation has been tested from September 2014 and was done in production in December 2014.

We use:

  • Restaurants

  • Products

  • Purchase & Sales Pricelists

  • Procurement

  • WMS

The second project is HR. We used it in standard for the moment but we have some needs that require development later to avoid double encoding within the Ygen System and our external Payroll management company system.

How had this impacted the business?

We use Ygen mainly for the ordering system. We have 70 restaurants using Ygen with 140 users (including in the restaurants, offices and suppliers who can enter in our system to take the orders). We manage with Ygen around 1000 purchases per day which are automatically sent to our 20 suppliers. This is the core business of EXKI.

With the switch to V8, we've noticed a big change from our people using Ygen. They are more interested in tool and ask for more features. They trigger the development of EXKI processes. Few years ago they were reluctant for a change to a new tool and now they like it and see that there a lots of things they'll be able to do.