How Kanchan is planning to lead printing houses

Kanchan Computer Sewa

Our Successful Business Software in action on the field, is the Kanchan Computer Sewa.

Present on the market for 22 years now, the Pokhara based printing and press business is growing broader throughout Pokhara valley, which ultimately appeals to have system in their business.

          Business Details,

          In the sector of desktop publishing, by feeling the need of desktop solution in Pokhara and its closer area Kanchan Computer Sewa started its services since 2055 B.. to continuing it till now.

          In the starting it has started its services in Gandaki Press after then three years in First Floor of Pokhara Color Lab. It has been serving its continuous services from its own building at Newroad (just behind of Pokhara Metropolitan Municipality) since 2054 B.S. It has been providing all the services consulting with desktop solution.

          Currently, it is providing printing services for large scale industries such as Surya Nepal, Sujal Foods Pvt. Ltd. etc. It consists of around 25 employees. It has multi department business.

          Challenges they had to face in business,

          Server & Storage

          Slow local server & Limited storage

          Job Completion

          No notification for client after job completion


          Filesystem access issue


          Data duplication


          Lack of tracking file responsibility

          Job Valuation

          Time basis job valuation issue

          How company acquires new customers?

          About 70% from word of mouth

          About 30% customers from Ads  such as Facebook, YouTube, TV ads

          What company wanted?


          Two receptionists synchronization

          Notification System

          Notification to employee and reception 2 once invoice is partially or fully done

          Order Management

          Cancel existing order

          Sell Between Companies

          Ability to sell between companies

          Sale & Manufacturing Order

          Sync sale order and manufacture order with work centers for better performance

          Sale Order & Project Task

          Sync sale order and project task for order confirmation and file links

          Sale Order Discount

          Total discount on sale order

          Device Synchronization

          Local bio-metric device synchronization

          What solution was delivered?

          Ygen - Sample 2 for three columns
          Google Drive integration

          Ygen - Sample 2 for three columns
          Multi Company

          Ygen - Sample 3 for three columns
          Zkteco Integration
          Ygen - Sample 1 for three columns
          IRD Integration
          Ygen - Sample 1 for three columns