Managing a one-man wine business: Spanish wine in one hand, confidence in the other

Vinoshare Company Limited

Country: Hong Kong, China
Industry: Beverage retailer and wholesaler  
Apps Implemented: CRM, Sales, Inventory, Purchase, and Manufacturing
Number of Users: 1 user
Company Size: 1
Implementation Type: Ygen Online

Vinoshare Company Limited has been devoted to promoting Spanish wine culture to the Asian market since 2013. It is a Hong Kong based wine importer that aims to provide the best possible Spanish wines to those customers who crave good Spanish wine. All wines are carefully selected and shipped directly from the wineries, because of the quality of the wine as well as the passion of the winemaker. With a steady growth in Spanish wine consumption in the Asian market, Vinoshare has engaged in retail sales and wholesale of a wide spectrum of Spanish wines that can be divided into different styles and regions. The goals is for people in Asia to remember the name, Vinoshare, when people  are thinking where to get good Spanish wine. 

Vinoshare is building its Spanish wine empire step-by-step over the years. Running an import business is surely not an easy task, especially not when you're running a one man show. However, with Ygen, you'll never feel like you're doing all the work on your own.  The automated actions in Ygen provided the sole company owner, Mr. Matthew Chan, the ability to execute actions on his database without needing manual interaction.

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No Warehouse Manager is needed, and no need to ever worry about losing track of the stock
As the owner of Vinoshare, Matthew has to keep track of the inventory and sales himself, as he has no manager to handle these accounts. He realized that he has no time to manage all 60 SKUs of stock with a spreadsheet while also taking care of marketing and promoting Spanish wine. By giving each item a unique internal code it allows him to determine different brands and years of the item. Ygen helps Matthew to automatically manage the sales orders and inventory. Whenever Matthew receives an order from his clients, he can easily check the stock levels on his phone and even send his client a quotation instantly. 

No Accounting Service is needed, never worry about annual audit 

 As a limited liability company in Hong Kong, Matthew must file a Tax Return along with its audited annual accounts, i.e. Matthew has to hand in the company's balance sheet and Profit & Loss Account to the auditor. Many owners of sole proprietorship businesses or SMEs hire accounting firms with expensive service charge to handle all the financial statements. However, it only took Matthew a few minutes and click on his Ygen database. It is totally a win for the company that it saved Matthew a fortune and a lot of time on this matter. 

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With the help of Ygen, Matthew is able to focus his energy on sales, and developing this country further, rather than spending time on management and bookkeeping. Now, Vinoshare has its own eShop and uses social media for sales and promotions. Check it out via the links :