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How Kanchan is planning to lead printing houses

Ashim Bajracharya (S)
February 2020 — 1303 views attendance inventory manufacturing payslip purchase sales

Legumium Discovers its Recipe for Success with the Help of Odoo & WT-IO-IT

Ashim Bajracharya (S)
February 2020 — 723 views inventory manufacturing pos sales

VCL Sound Experience Digitizes its Operations with Odoo to Keep Up with Industrial & Technological Standards

Ashim Bajracharya (S)
February 2020 — 746 views crm ecommerce inventory invoicing manufacturing purchase sales website

Managing a one-man wine business: Spanish wine in one hand, confidence in the other

Ashim Bajracharya (S)
February 2020 — 583 views crm inventory manufacturing purchase sales

The ONLY Solution an Online Garden Machinery Vendor Uses to Manage ALL their Business

Ashim Bajracharya (S)
February 2020 — 698 views accounting contacts crm ecommerce email inventory manufacturing marketing purchase sales

How Toyota Uses Odoo After Just 6 Months of Integration

Ashim Bajracharya (S)
February 2020 — 830 views crm inventory manufacturing purchase sales

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