Gap Analysis

A Gap analysis in an implementation project is a highly recommended phase. Its purpose is to present the match of Ygen ERP solution with your needs and convince you on the feasibility of the project. It is also the first phase before the first stage gate that allows you to exit the project with limited investment if the results do not conform to your expectations. Even though it is an optional phase, it will make you save time on the detailed analysis.

The goal of a Gap analysis is to determine an estimate of project time and cost at a 80% certainty in a limited time (3 to 15 days).

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  • We conduct series of interviews with key people in your organization to list the project requirements and their critical level.

  • We analyse current state of your business.

  • We identify ideal future state of your business.

  • We list out what gap exists and how they’re preventing from reaching your goal.

  • Customer reviews the results and can decide to drop certain requirements that would be too expensive or time consuming.

  • We present you Implementation Plan.

Start with the us – find out what you want and we will give it to you.

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Scope Meeting
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Information Gathering
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Information analysis
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Report and action plan
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Get what you want in your system
Avoid facing updates and bug fixes later in the system

Save cost and time by with GAP chart.